• Autonomously Mastered Purposeful education

    Our program challenges and inspires students to become agents of their own learning.

  • Role of Teacher & How to Begin

    Being transparent and coming up with a full plan will allow you to leverage this program in your classroom or organization.

    Proposal to Admin.

    STAR or situation, task, action and response. 

    Letter to Parents

    Here is a general letter to parents you will want to download and modify to your class or organization before you kick off AMPed.

    Role of the Teacher

    Simple model of what is expected of teachers in this role. 

  • Journey @ #sisrocks

    AMPed Program

  • Role of Student

    Part of the process is having your students play.

    Developmental Phases

    Simple model of what students will be going through during their process of AMPed.

    Student STAR Proposal

    Once students have identified, committed to, and engaged in their idea, we need to be sure to hold them accountable.  Using a Situation, Task, Action, Response (STAR) proposal will help maintain this accountability

  • Why?


    This pedagogical approach allows students to guide their own learning journey. A typical educational setting challenges students' thinking and execution of learning. The philosophy behind AMPed is to have the students challenge themselves in their own learning, inquire, dig deep within their interest and make their learning purposeful.

  • Maintaining Momentum

    Progressions from Mentors

    Students are in the driver's seat in terms selecting an interest to learn, setting a goal, planning and executing actions to make learning happen for their benefit. There are many ways to help students be accountable for their learning. Here are two examples from teachers who are just asking...
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  • The New Media Consortium

    AMPed made it in the 2016 NMC Horizon Report Technology Outlook - International School in Asia

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